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1st group ride.

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I rode with a group of mostly active duty soldiers from Fort Benning, GA to. Chehaw Wild Animal Park in Albany, GA today. It was 20 miles to the link up point... close to where I work & another 85 miles from there each way. I ride to work about 20 miles each way almost every day but this was by far the farthest I've ridden in one day. I didn't realize how tiring it can be to ride @ 55 mph for an hour and a half x2. I was pooped after that trip & took a nap. Great road surface, light traffic. But not twisty & we followed the speed limit. Us sport bike riders were in the minority & falling asleep. The Goldwing, Can Am & cruiser riders seemed to rather enjoy the ride better.

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Hang in there!

210 miles??? Piece of cake.

If you enjoy riding long distances, you will do more of it, and will find that a few hundred miles in a day is not very far at all.

There is a fellow in Windsor Ontario who has ridden his CBR-125R over 1100 miles in a day. That is the same 125 that he rode from Key West Florida to Deadhorse Alaska to Key West Florida in June 2011.

Later he rode that same 125 a staggering 1500 miles in one calendar day.

Now I have not done anything like that, but I have often covered more than 500 miles in a day on my 650, and over 300 miles on my 125. This summer I will be riding my 250 exclusively, and expect to ride 400 miles in a day a few times.

When you get used to long distance riding, it is not very difficult, and it is often very rewarding because you see new places and new people all the time, and have lots of fun doing it.

Good luck!
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well it´s a god start into the season and biking is also about good people/good company. so i take it, you´ve had your fun there.
were you accepted nicely on your 250 or did you get those ... looks?
i like the commuting on the cbee but touring on it makes my back ake somehow.
happy riding
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The day earlier, my boss was skeptical that my bike would make it. I said, "the bike's only got 5000 miles on it and I put about 200 on each week." He said, "oh, it's not the mileage... but the speed limit is 55-65 the whole way and that's what the group will do..." I laughed & told him my bike would handle that speed without a problem. It's funny what cruiser owners think.

I only knew 1 of the riders before today. Interestingly, in the bathroom, I saw a guy with a Honda jacket & I said, "You ride a Honda too?" He said, "yeah, a 1000"... then the guy asked me what bike I had and when I told him a Honda CBR250, he laughed and said I probably had a 1400cc bike. I said, "no, really I got a Honda CBR250." He then said I could try riding his bike if I wanted. Nobody really gave me "that look" but twice when I came out of the restroom and gas station, I saw a group surrounding my bike and facing toward it. They didn't say anything to me about it when I showed up so I'm not 100% sure they were talking about it but somehow they were drawn to that location. 2 guys individually asked me if that was my 1st bike, and I told them I had upgraded from an older Kawasaki Ninja 250 that I rode for 6 weeks, dropped and sold for a profit which I applied to this bike. Overall a good experience.
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i´ve got to admit, i was quite surprised about the cbr250 myself when i bought it. so i do understand these people quite a bit.
it´s actually hard to get the usual riding-job done more effectively than on a cbr250:)
everytime a good time i hope
I want to go on a group ride! Ugh I'm jealous. Lol
Sounds like you had a generally positive first group ride experience! I'm a little hesitant to get into the group riding scene not because I'm worried about my skills, but because I dont have any control over other peoples riding skills. (I.E.: I dont want people not using the proper staggered lane positions and doubling up instead, etc)

I'm sure eventually I'll just sack up and do it though :p
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