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Tri colour non abs... $6500 AUD ride away, I know cos i picked mine up last week from Sydney City M/C and have only done about 220km so far

White Eye's write up is spot on, its so much fun to ride, I come from a dirt bike back ground and find the CBR so easy to throw around, very light with plenty of torque to keep things interesting in the twisty stuff, the only complaint I have is the exhaust note, or lack of, ( stupid emmisions and noise control :rolleyes::p ) but that will fixed soon with a full SS Moriwaki system. I plan to get some dyno runs before and after to show the difference, just trying to work out a deal with the shop to use my bike as the guinea pig for some promo material in exchange for free dyno time ;)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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