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I'm also in Wollongong! Just ordered my Black CBR and will be picking it up on Saturday WOOOOOOT! I'm so excited, I test rode a tri colour model on Saturday and had a ball. Love the bike. I started on a CBR125, then went to a Kawasaki ER6n, but it was ugly as and I just didn't love it, so back to the Honda/CBR for me. Can't wait to have it in my garage. I'm glad to have found this forum too!

Hey Macca did you buy from Trevor Jordan?

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Thats a great price Macca. Most seem to be 6300 in Sydney.

Picked my black one up on Saturday just gone. Is pretty smooth. Slight vibration through the wind shield when in first gear around 6thousand RPM though.

Might get that looked that at the first service.

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paid 4700 black ABS second hand 600km on the clock - due for first service,
with shark helmet, good jacket and gloves thrown in as sweeteners [cash]..

point - doesnt hurt to check out the second hand market [im in sydney]
re-entry motorcyclist, four previous hondas 250 - 750, cant say enough
about this great honda motorcycle.. bit concerned about losing some
control with ABS brakes, but after emergency stops now highly
recommend ABS.. just keeps on improving generally, keeps on
impressing me with its willing tight predictable performance..

you need to make a learning experience of finding the right gears
and esp the nice rev range for the various situations..
for solid suburban riding etc start 4 to 5k rpm..
first is very 'high' not really useful for roundabouts etc,
but it gets off the mark like a startled gazelle,
including slight wheel lift if continued thru 2nd..
[started entry roundabout, dazed cager plouged thru
dropped clutch /fistfull still leaning/turning, she lifted her
front wheel slightly, pushed my bum back into seat stop,
and took off as if it was just the normal thing to do]..

6mths now daily commutes plus shortish rides and she just
keeps on improving, or i keep on being impressed
as she continues exceeding my rising expectations..

re alternative ninja; this is a newly designed bike/engine,
double overhead cams, counterbalance, fuel injection, ecu,
fantastic abs brakes, compact size, great ergonomics,
light weight, great fuel economy, and in demand
thus likely to hold reasonable price if sold..

the only thing of any concern to me was the beep beep horn
which i replaced, on the street without removing fairing or tank
using one spanner and a pair of pliers, installing a fiamm
low tone horn from - 17 bucks all up, to my door..

tires are ok esp for commute and not too manic rides,
but i will replace with bit better when time comes..
also the large heavy muffler doesnt suit my idea of
exhaust for this otherwise beautiful little honda
and will probably be replaced with a slip on
muffler at some stage..

those waiting for delivery, be excited instead of
annoyed etc, as it will be, worth the wait :)
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