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I bought a crashed bike with 1400 miles on it and am making it into a track bike.
I took a ton of weight off the bike, put on a new radiator and a few other used parts from e-bay. I cut longer spacers and re-set the front sag much stiffer than stock.
I also mounted an NSR 50 front fairing that I had as a spare for my son's race bike on it and it is feather light. The slip-on saved a ton of weight , the stock pipe is VERY heavy. All the crap on the tail section also weighed a ton.
I have a nice tank in the paint shop almost ready to go on and just mounted two Bridgestone dual compound track tires.
Here are some before and after pics.,
As soon as I get the cast off my arm that I broke roadracing , it goes to the track for set-up.
I think I took off about 40 lbs from stock , but I need to weigh it soon



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