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2012 black cbr250 seat recover.

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I changed the vinyl on my seat.I took the original covers apart and made patterns.The colors are not my first choice but I had it laying around and wanted to see how good my patterns worked out.Am going to go red/grey/black soon.


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I used the tan because I have a roll of it hanging around.I wanted to check my patterns before getting more material.Going to go tri-color,put some red and grey stripes down the sides,see how that looks.
Thanks for the comments!I did boat upholstery for awhile,kinda a side job now.I'll be playing around with different color combo's and designs.I'll post pics as I change my seat.
once I get some different color/patterns set up,I could make covers for forum members.:DI'll be playing around with some vinyl this week,I got the week off.
I'm in Port Charlotte Fl.On the west coast.I am going to try some different foam
to see if I can make the seat a bit more comfy on longer rides.I'll let you all know how it works out.I'll gladly redo my seat on a weekly basis if needed!

Ok,got different color and pattern on this morning.I want to add a thin red stripe between the black and grey.


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Silver would look good.Used to be able to get vinyl in carbon fiber pattern.Came in several diff colors,have to see if I can get some of that in silver.
I'm just using cheap vinyl for now.the black/grey I picked up @ Joann fabrics,1/2 yd each less than $20.If you dont have a heavy sewing machine,probly wont be able to feed the fabric,or handle the heavy upholstery thread.There is some nice vinyl that stretches in 4 directions,reg vinyl stretches in only one.You use that and apply some heat,the rear seat can be covered with no stitching,the front will still need to be stitche around the "horns"at the gas tank."Allsport"is the brand name.
I'm looking for another seat so I can work on one without tying up my ride.
I'm going to make another black/grey some tweaking to do on the patterns.gonna try to make the stitching nicer,do a french seam at all stitching would really finish it off nice.
I can stitch up a cover for you no problem.If you have access to an air staple gun,you should have no problem swapping the covers.Is the bike near Port Charlotte?I could do the cover and install for around $50 for the rear seat.
thanks!I havent tried changing the seat contour with different foam yet.I plan to try a few different firmness levels of foam soon.
I am working on putting flames in my seat next,soon as I have time.Got my patterns ready,hope to have it done by next weekend.I will upload pics when its finished.
No kidding!Looks good!What you do with the rear seat?
Nice!I'm gonna borrow that idea for mine!Working on a flame pattern now,trying for a 3 color,black w/2 color flame.Havent done that before,should be interesting.
heavy duty hand staler might do it.The seat pan on these bikes are made of pretty soft plastic.
I am going to make up some different color combo'as soon as I get more vinyl.A red/white/blue cover sounds good,Once I get a few done,I may put them up on ebay.I'll make you a cover,see haw it goes installing it.
I got a link to a site w/cheap factory parts,seats $33 for each piece I think.Thought of buying a few myself and putting them up for sale.I can look up the site if you want.
I'm going to look for some vinyl in different colors.Havent tested my pattern fpr a 3 colr seat yet.I did try doing flames on my seat,not so good.Need to spend more time at the sewing machine!!!I think Joann fabrics has some pink vinyl,going there tomorrow,I'll check.
tarbinator,did you put the cover back on yourself?
I'm getting some red/white/blue vinyl for covers for the tri-colored bike.I would like some idea's on what patterns to put on them.Do I put the colors as stripes,as in the pics of my 2 tone seat?Any idea's appreciated.I will try to draw up an outline of the seat w/different setup's drawn out.
I am also looking for some silver vinyl for the red/silver bikes.
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