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2012 black cbr250 seat recover.

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I changed the vinyl on my seat.I took the original covers apart and made patterns.The colors are not my first choice but I had it laying around and wanted to see how good my patterns worked out.Am going to go red/grey/black soon.


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I'm getting some red/white/blue vinyl for covers for the tri-colored bike.I would like some idea's on what patterns to put on them.Do I put the colors as stripes,as in the pics of my 2 tone seat?Any idea's appreciated.I will try to draw up an outline of the seat w/different setup's drawn out.
I am also looking for some silver vinyl for the red/silver bikes.
I think there are so many possibility's.

1) black seat cover with red white and blue triple stitching
2) black seat cover with double red stitching
3) black seat cover with double blue stitching with red CBR250 logo on seat
4) black seat cover with with white double stitiching.

all with a back stap to hold caps etc.

If you ever sell them on ebay let me know I will def buy one from you

I don't think a seat cover in white blue or red would look good though IMO
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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