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2012 CBR250R sold out

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I just talked to my dealer. They sold eight CBR250Rs this year which is all that they had. They tried to order two more but Honda told them there aren't any available. The next closest Powerhouse dealer still has seven more in stock. It may be that only the Powerhouse dealers will be able to get more or that they may even run out. If you think that you want a CBR250R this year you won't want to haggle over the $300 profit fee they are adding to the sticker price. Especially if it your local dealer that you should want to support.
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I was just in my local dealer wed to get a filter for my wifes bike and they still had the abs tri color that was there 2 months ago when I bought mine and the red one they got in right after we bought my wifes. They also have a nice red vfr 1200 manual tranny sitting there marked down to $12,900. MMMmmmm.... I'd like to have that one. Their gorgeous tri color anniversary edition cbr 1000 and the red/white cbr 600 are both still sitting there too sadly. They must not sell hardly any bikes at all because it's always the same exact bikes every time I go. Granted it's a real small shop anyway but still.
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