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Welcome. There are a few here who own the 300, however, there is a cbr300 forum you are welcome to join

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my cbr300r replaces stolen cbr250r after 3yrs solid service..
while 2015 model has new crankshaft, conrod and balancer
with other detail and cosmetic changes, i consider it within
the same model sequence from cbr250r 2011 to today..

first mod ordered before taking delivery of new 300r
was yoshi rearset brackets, which arrived with part number
for cbr250r and fitted perfectly, just as on cbr250r..

sought advice from cbr300r forum members on an overheating
[really hot] muffler which 300r members confirmed as very, hot,
generally tho it seems to me unnecessary to have a separate forum
for this motorcycle based on a few changes to virtually the same
motorcycle within the same model sequence..

having been a member of this excellent forum these 3yrs
and found it a wonderful source of information and so on
i still consider myself a valid member, and my motorcycle
to be a sort of brother to my [stolen] cbr250r 'black beauty'..

the '300' is just a number and naming convention rounding off
to the nearest 0, taking 249 to '250' and 286 to '300'..
note there is no extra specific forum for 300f even tho
it has obvious cosmetic and other changes..

anyway mate, after checking out this forum i usually
also check out the '300' forum, in which often similar
questions etc are posted but which hasnt developed
as cbr250r forum has over the years, with many
experienced and friendly motorcyclists worldwide
who make and create its value and purpose..

many things the subject of conversation
and questioning such as tyre sizes
are the same, thus creating unnecessary repetitions
and waste, when good info from this site applies to
bikes and members of the other site as well..

if anyone considers their black motorcycle
as superior to others white motorcycles
they could start another forum, just for
black motorcycles,, to separate their
motorcycles from those inferior
white ones...

[anyone who has a black and white motorcycle
should be sent to counselling and reminded
of their motorcycles black heritage]
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