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250R Fly By

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Two-Fiddy Fly By

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So you were riding back and forth on the same street over and over again? To prove what?
^^^It's called a replay and it's clearly labeled a "replay" in the video, Maybe you should learn how to read?

Also, (important lesson) It's called a Vlog. Type in "Vlog" in a search engine and educate yourself on why people vlog. Some do it for money,
some do it to help others, and do it just b/c they enjoy vlogging.

I may not have this bike next year and it will be nice to look back and watch vids of my motorcycling experience with this bike.

PS- I have a feeling HP Lover is really Madd-Trapper the troll. Look at his signtaure, simular to madd trapper's signature. You are on my ignore list.

****Moderators please check the IP address for HP lover and Madd Trapper. Two accounts = ban for life at most forums.
HPLover is HPLover and Madd-Trapper is Madd-Trapper. But you are a trash can load of fun.
Why don't you plastic-dip the lens?
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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