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250R Fly By

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Two-Fiddy Fly By

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Leave the trolls alone, they will self-destruct one day. The lack of God in their lives is literally killing them, slowly.
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Please stop this crap because its almost making me want to sell the cbr.

1m.18sec of my life wasted.

^^Please do sell your bike and do us all a favor and your bike a favor........I'm sure your cbr250r hates having a POS riding on it.

PS. Your Avatar pic proves you are a cool 250 racer.....lmao! GTFO!
Dudeman, if you are worried about a peddle breaking the lens , maybe its possible to jerry-rig up a shield/lens cover for it.
Good idea.
Dude, what is killing me, is that you have somehow deluded yourself into thinking that you are some kind of a "Motorcycle God". This video "250R Fly By", did you think that we would be wowed by it? Sorry to burst your little bubble, but its pretty lame. Anyone who would be impressed by this, would be just as lame.

Like Aufitt in his avatar pic? bahahwaha 250 speedracer :p

nah man it's just a 250, nobody wows anyone on a 250. If you can READ the subtitle says ,"CBR250r Cruisin' Somewhere."

"Cruisin' is the KEY WORD." Got it?

The video is a satire u douche bag. Did you not hear the ending in a
deep voice that says, "Who says you can't have fun on a two-fiddy."

You must have rode the short bus b/c you are Stuuuupid. haha
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MotoMike I couldn't agree more. Someone who has been on here for a month has started 27 threads with over 300 posts? Don’t get me wrong I like this site but I am not looking for vindication that I can ride. Dude you said yourself this is your first bike so calm down and get some good riding experience.
If you took the time and actually read my youtube main page's info about my page you would have read "I created this channel to share my motorcycle experience with you."

Nowhere does it say I'm an expert rider who is showing off his riding skills.
The video subtitle says "CBR250R Cruisin somewhere." That's exactly what I was doing. How is that showing off? It's vlog of my experience with my cbr250r. When I get my 2012 Gixxer600 next year I will also do videos of me riding that as well. Who says you can't video your riding experience on youtube without being a pro rider such as yourself? Btw, I also have a scooter youtube page doing almost the exact same video in the park. I guess I'm showing off my 178cc scooter riding skills too?

Hey man if some of you guys want to get cute and be disrespectful, at least do it with common sense.

I work at home and I'm on the computer all day for my business, that is why you see so many posts so fast. Yes I do have a life and my bike almost has 600 miles, I've owned my bike for a little over a month now. I've got a 3,000 square foot house to maintain with a crap load of landscaping to keep up so I can't ride a thousand miles a day like some of you guys do.

Signing off, this is the last bs post I will do. All business from here on out. I changed my video out in this thread for a "back dat azz up" video so some of you guys can keep talkin booty. lol

Peace out!

PS. Thanks to all of the many people on here who are respectful. It's unfortunate that trolls roam forums like cockroaches. Watch out for Madd-Flapper b/c he is the Biggest cockaroach of them all. ignore him and hopefully he will go way, but beware that he will be silently waiting in the cracks to jump on you. He's one of them big flying sumabitzches too that you can't stomp out.
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From where I come from you get respect when you give respect. There is nothing wrong with expressing dislike for anything someone posts on here, but you don't have to do it with crass.

I didn't post my videos for adoration but rather just adding to the cbr250r experience. It will be cool to look back when I have the gixxer if I decide not to keep this bike. That's what Youtube is for, to post your video experience.

P.S. - Yes, Madd-Trapper is KNOWN TROLL, he has trolled my posts on here as well as others and he has trolled my youtube page. Just go to his profile and look at all of his posts. The guy must be really miserable. IMO, When you don't have God in your life you SUFFER. You troll's suffering is expressed in your writings on here, you're not kidding anybody but yourself. I pray for you guys to find God and set yourself free and stop leading such a sad life.
^ Dudeman-"From where I come from you get respect when you give respect"...turn the other cheek and do what you said earlier which was saying you are not gonna "feed them". If you quit "defending" yourself it will stop-it's hard to argue with a wall so to speak. It's neat you are stoked about your new bike but you might want to tone it down a little bit...posting videos about riding on the highway/near an airport/etc. isn't for everyone (And for me it's a little comical to see how excited you are about your 250) -BUT- to each thier own.
Isn't that what a forum is for, to post your thoughts and experience? Half of the stuff on this board isn't my cup of tea but I have a choice to not click on the thread. If you took the time to watch my highway video I was giving my personal review and thoughts of riding the cbr250r on the highway for the first time. I was letting people know, from my point of view, that this bike is very capable of riding on the highway b/c some people say this bike isn't suited for the highway.

I'm excited about this bike, not for it's speed, but rather the mpg and low end torque from 0-45 for a 250 bike, and the bike looks hot, IMO.

I will do as I please and it doesn't concern what you think or what others think. I don't live on other people's approval, some people do and it's sad. I'm not defending my posts but rather putting the POS in check on here. If I was a punk, like trolls are, I can go on all of your videos and say how wack they are and talk shiz but I'm not an unhappy troll.
So DudeMan, you're still here?

You've gone from a scooter, to a CBR250R, which now has what?... a whopping 600 miles on it, and now you're talking about selling it to get a GSXR 600? Wow, I've heard of people climbing a steep learning curve before, but this is amazing! I may very well have been wrong about you... perhaps you do have a God like dominion over motorcycles. I should genuflect to your sheer awesomeness. I fear that I am no longer worthy...

Well my lunch break is over, time to go for another ride. My odometer will click to 1500 miles today, which is respectable considering the bike is only 5 weeks old today. Seems to be running great too, despite there is not one drop of PD to be found on it. Amazing!
Man you can't read. I said NEXT year when I get my Gixxer 600. "Next year" would be the key word.

Honestly, I feel could handle a gixxer 600 now b/c the gixxer has 3 power setting that can actually restrict the power. Had I known this I would probably have a gixxer 600 now instead of a 250.

The main thing I like about a 600 is not the extra top end speed but rather the ability to shift less gears when riding locally. It sucks shifting 6 gears to go to 45 mph. I do like the cbr250r though.
I live a very happy and productive life, thank you very much. I suffer much less than a lot of people on this planet, which in my opinion, would be a much better place if everyone on it realized that your life is the only chance you get. There is no afterlife to redeem yourself in, no reward for killing others etc. in the name of God. There's just nothing. You're gone. You'll be in the same state as you was before you were born. You will cease to exist. In my opinion, there is no God, and there's not a shred of evidence to support that there is. I do not ram my atheism down others throats, and I do respect other peoples right to believe what they wish. Saying that, I do think that some on here have unfairly picked on you. I don't mind a bit of banter, but to single a newcomer to the forum out, and constantly pick on them, is nothing short of bullying. Those who have done this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Peace. ;)
Hey I'm a christian, not a perfect one, but I do respect other people's religions or lack of religion or faith. IMO, you cannot live without God in your life and truly live happy. I was a doubter like you until My ex fiancee and I almost got swept out to sea. We got hit by a rip tide and my ex was not a strong swimmer. I prayed to God in the Lord Jesus' name and asked to calm the seas and not let it be our time to perish. After my prayer the seas calmed completely down to not even a wave, it was unbelievable to witness. I immediately rescued my ex, who was in panic mode, and took us to shore. My ex had to be subdued b/c she was still in a panic attack.

I have not been in the ocean since and will never forget how God answered my prayer.

As far as the trolls "bullying" me, that's kind of a laugh b/c I don't take any of this stuff seriously. I find it entertaining to say the least. But I do let people know I'm not a punk and will put them in check. I guess I should "turn the other cheek" as the bible says but I like to call people out for what they are.
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^^^ ******TROLL ALERT******TROLL ALERT******


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^ Yep. Part of the reason I have mixed emotions about ABS on these beginners bikes. Part of me loves it and knows it'll save some skin and possibly evena life or two but part of me also doesn't like it because part of LEARNING to ride a bike is learning how to modulate the brakes right.
Actually, you apply the brakes the same regardless of whether it has ABS or not. Why would you brake any different b/c it has ABS brakes?
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