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250R Fly By

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Two-Fiddy Fly By

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Please stop this crap because its almost making me want to sell the cbr.

1m.18sec of my life wasted.
Just wait for the riveting twisties video. I can see it now-a few right handers and couple lefties spliced together in perfect sync. Now if he could just edit out the stop signs that he will be turning at it should turn out to be a nice video :)
^ Dudeman-"From where I come from you get respect when you give respect"...turn the other cheek and do what you said earlier which was saying you are not gonna "feed them". If you quit "defending" yourself it will stop-it's hard to argue with a wall so to speak. It's neat you are stoked about your new bike but you might want to tone it down a little bit...posting videos about riding on the highway/near an airport/etc. isn't for everyone (And for me it's a little comical to see how excited you are about your 250) -BUT- to each thier own.
You do realize that that switch on the new gixxers isn't some sort of "miracle button" that's gonna make that bike in any way a beginners bike right??? In all honesty it's probably just a gimmick they use and any normal rider wouldn't even be able to tell a difference between all three settings. You keep mentioning that switch and act as though on the low setting it's gonna be as tame as the 250. If I were you I'd keep the 250 for several thousand miles and get REALLY good at it and then upgrade when it's truly the lack of hp holding you back.
No, No, No -Its a miracle switch that makes gixxers tame as kittens.......didnt you hear about the "beginner mode" for the soon to be announced gixxer 5000?! The gas engine turns off and ONLY the starter motor engages at lower settings...oh wait that would be to much torque for some....No the brakes stay partially on all the time...or wait maybe it just didnt work if it sensed rain in the forecast?
I find it funny that people are willing to rely on technology (the miracle button) instead of learning to ride properly to begin with.
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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