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250R Fly By

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Two-Fiddy Fly By

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Leave the trolls alone, they will self-destruct one day. The lack of God in their lives is literally killing them, slowly.
Dude, what is killing me, is that you have somehow deluded yourself into thinking that you are some kind of a "Motorcycle God". This video "250R Fly By", did you think that we would be wowed by it? Sorry to burst your little bubble, but its pretty lame. Anyone who would be impressed by this, would be just as lame.
Hey man if some of you guys want to get cute and be disrespectful, at least do it with common sense.

Watch out for Madd-Flapper b/c he is the Biggest cockaroach of them all. ignore him and hopefully he will go way, but beware that he will be silently waiting in the cracks to jump on you. He's one of them big flying sumabitzches too that you can't stomp out.
Who's being disrespectful? I said your video was "lame". You called me a "douche bag"... You called madd-trapper a "cockroach"?

I'll ask the question one more time... Who's being disrespectful?

DudeMan, good luck to you, though I doubt you'd know what to do with it if you got it. Oh yeah... don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out...
You don't have to believe in God to be a decent and happy person. ;)
Agreed, Wynne... Nor does one have to believe in God to be a person who is secure in their own skin. I've noticed that a lot of "God fearing" folks seem to be fairly insecure about who they are, how they fit in, and see the rest of the world. They seem to be most comfortable when they are pushing their religious beliefs onto the rest of us. It's really a shame.
So DudeMan, you're still here?

You've gone from a scooter, to a CBR250R, which now has what?... a whopping 600 miles on it, and now you're talking about selling it to get a GSXR 600? Wow, I've heard of people climbing a steep learning curve before, but this is amazing! I may very well have been wrong about you... perhaps you do have a God like dominion over motorcycles. I should genuflect to your sheer awesomeness. I fear that I am no longer worthy...

Well my lunch break is over, time to go for another ride. My odometer will click to 1500 miles today, which is respectable considering the bike is only 5 weeks old today. Seems to be running great too, despite there is not one drop of PD to be found on it. Amazing!
That rider was definitely hauling the mail!!!

Cool video... thanks for posting it up!
Can I get some Plasti Dip stickers for my bike?
1 - 6 of 45 Posts
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