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250R Fly By

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Two-Fiddy Fly By

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Fresh off the press. I have some other vids on my youtube channel.

CBR250r Fly By - YouTube
Skill -0
Creativity -0
Quality -0
Tosspottery -10

Please stop this crap because its almost making me want to sell the cbr.

1m.18sec of my life wasted.
Speaking of flybys, put the road gear back on and had good 300-400km ride saturday with some friends. All day long a mate giving me heaps about my slow top speed, doing monos past me/beside me while I was flat out at 150-160 most of the way, we still had fun together in the twisty bits.

Long story short... I hit this downhill gully at full noise laying down on the tank, sun in the mirrors and I had it to 169kph and he lines me up on his 1098s and buzzed by at 270... talk about shat myself haha, he knew I wouldnt see him comin, but the noise from his Termi's when he went past felt like the ground was shaking even at that speed.

*this was all on a private road btw :)
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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