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250r update and mods, any other suggestions

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So this is the 2012 I’ve been dumping money into for fun let me know opinions and what else would like to be see done to it “that can’t be done”
Leo Vince lv10 pipe
Tinted windscreen
160 rear tire
13t front sprocket
Thinking about a power commander if anyone has one let me know if any decent results
Feel free to comment, critique, question anything
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Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting
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A buddy of mine has a KTM RC390 and did a few mods like removing the catalyst from the stock pipe.

He installed a Power Commander with a map from a company that tunes the RC390 engines, and says it has made a significant difference.

Not sure if the CBR would respond the same way. It depends somewhat on just how good or bad the original mapping is and how good of a tuned map you can get.

We messed around with the PC and a few different maps for my son's R6 at one point, and it's a bit of trial and error getting a good one without doing actual dyno tuning.
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See if you can find articles by Ari Henning, formerly of Motorcyclist Magazine. He raced a CBR250R for a while, and I believe he modded it along the way. Eventually he came to the conclusion that it was holding him back no matter what he did - which is the truth.

It's a decent cycle, but was not designed as a sport or race bike.

There's only so much you can do.
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