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250r update and mods, any other suggestions

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So this is the 2012 I’ve been dumping money into for fun let me know opinions and what else would like to be see done to it “that can’t be done”
Leo Vince lv10 pipe
Tinted windscreen
160 rear tire
13t front sprocket
Thinking about a power commander if anyone has one let me know if any decent results
Feel free to comment, critique, question anything
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Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting
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here's some article on Ari's bike. They managed to shave off 60-lbs!

He's 3-4s faster than me on Ninja 250 @ Thunderhill. Wished I started racing earlier, could've learned lots from him! He went on to RC390 and set track-record @ Sears Point Sonoma couple years ago. Until Rocco...
One of the motorcycle engines used is a cbr250r in a grom. I love this guys channel.

This tech is probably the way to go in 2021...or maybe a speeduino. There is more power available with intake, exhaust and ECU. But it's over priced IMO once you add the cost of a powercommander, and speedohealer.
Yeah, I'm big fan of tuning with EFI. Good comparison is U.S. Ninja 250 with carbs vs. EU version of same years with EFI. Using Woolich software to fine-tune EFI to optimise same mods: full exhaust, free-flow intake, EFI gets +12bhp vs. carbs +7bhp.

Any time it's possible, better to reprogram factory maps in ECU rather than using
I would guess that microsquirt/speeduino would be far better than factory ecu remapping, unless you have a ton of free dyno time. Only a full replacement ECU with data logging would let you use a wideband O2. Also could use multiple maps for different riding conditions or fuels. Plus the open source ones all support a quickshifter, or launch control which really seems like fun.

Love the Zach and Ari content, had no idea this show existed.
Great video. I learned that at full throttle you're running open loop on a bike, so the wideband O2 sensor isn't going to be as useful as on a car.
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