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250r update and mods, any other suggestions

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So this is the 2012 I’ve been dumping money into for fun let me know opinions and what else would like to be see done to it “that can’t be done”
Leo Vince lv10 pipe
Tinted windscreen
160 rear tire
13t front sprocket
Thinking about a power commander if anyone has one let me know if any decent results
Feel free to comment, critique, question anything
Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting
Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting
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The first thing I did was shorten the side-stand by about 5mm (the angle of the tilt was doubled to 11 degrees, because otherwise the motorcycle has a tendency to falling to the side).
And I took out the catalytic converter which was already pretty clogged.
Now I replaced the steering bearings that were need replacing, to reinforced roller bearings. I would have been happy for a higher windshield, + 20cm? but unfortunately I did not find such an upgrade for our model.
How many miles has on your odometer?
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Great video. I learned that at full throttle you're running open loop on a bike, so the wideband O2 sensor isn't going to be as useful as on a car.
Yes BUT...Sorry! Maybe you did not really understand the explanation?
The point is:
1. The motorcycle injection sys does not have the same effect it does in cars, because in cars the injection is directly into the combustion chamber, and in motorcycles (because of the high RPM) the injection is into the suction manifold(to the Throttle Body).
2. Since the injection in motorcycles is to the intake manifold(Throttle body), and since the spraying of the fuel in the carburetor is also carried out in the intake manifold, That's why there is a similarity between the two devices in motorcycles: Injection Vs' Carburetor.
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3. In injection the fuel is flow by the pressure created in the fuel pump.
In carburetor the fuel is flow by vacuum effect (a passive mechanism that works according to Bernoulli's law).
4. The carburetor works in an open control circuit, if there are changes in atmospheric pressure (cold day versus hot day, riding in the mountains, or riding in the valleys ...) then the operation will not be optimal, and sometimes the main jet will need to be replaced.
The injection system(EFI) has a closed control circuit. The amount of fuel is determined by a number of parameters measured by sensors: oxygen, throttle angle, temperature, pressure, and RPM. The data is collected, and is used as a "Map" for all other engines that are mass-produced. The map is burned in the memory of the engine computer(ECU). Original OEM Engine Control Unit (ECU) have no reprogramming capability.
Thanks to the "Map", the engine automatically adjusts itself to a wide range of situations (hot, cold, etc ...)
5. It is not enough to buy a ECU kit that gives you the option to program the map you want preference for:
  • fuel economy,
  • or preference for high power,
  • or preference for high torque,
and you need the expensive equipment that will allow you to do it yourself. So whoever wants it should go to a mechanic who has this specialty and he has the required equipment.
6. So far I have only talked about a change in the computer(ECU), any other change that is made to improving the power, affects the parameters of the amount of fuel and in order to enjoy it to the fullest you need to calibrate the "map"(ECU).
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here's software to re-program factory ECU. Gotta know what you're doing. Very, very easy to blow up engine when straying away from factory settings...

This is a really interesting innovation. Thanks!(y)
The software is free, the device is not.
The cost of the device ( on AliExpress(LINK - Fake)...I saw at $ 80 full kit including software and cables. It is the device: ONLY for updating the values on the computer.
Fake for Reasonable price at 80 USD???
Alientech Kess v2 Master — 1738 $ LINK????

But the instrument for determining "what values?" is the most expensive part, very expensive. The Dyno device!!!
And as you wrote you have to be careful not to destroy the engine.

P.S. Or will you surprise me one more time? There is a plug-and-play Dyno device, which is connected to the computer (and the sensors), and then you ride with it under the desired conditions, and then the optimal data is retrieved from it, and it is also in reasonably priced?
I suspect hardware boxes have serial# embedded and free software checks back to mothership to verify serial# is validated.
YES - I understand that AliExpress kit includes software burned into a CD that matches their kit. Other software will probably not fit into AliExpress hardware.
The problem may be elsewhere, and it's still a problem:
The kit does not include
an adapter\connector, for our CBR

There is a general connector, pin to pin, so the connection requires additional knowledge (which pin to connect to), and another possibility of errors and damage along the way.
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Wouldn't hurt to try.
YES - At reasonably priced, currently 75 USD...(LINK)
Need to read reviews, need to study the subject (there are videos on YouTube) ...
For amateurs who do not want, or can not make expensive investments in professional equipment, this KIT seems to me very nice. Anyone interested in tuning is worth asking and checking this out.
what are you going to do with it?
In my particular case, a second hand motorcycle, with a history of neglect,
Its might be worth seeing that the map is the right map, and if not then raise Honda's default?
How would you know what, where to adjust in which direction???
YES - Will you surprise me one more time? There is a plug-and-play Dyno device, which is connected to the computer (and the sensors), and then you ride with it under the desired conditions, and then the optimal data is retrieved from it, and it is also in reasonably priced?
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Sorry, my mistake, I was meant to ask if there is a cheap amateur device that doing "Tuned On a Dyno"?
And I updated my comments above.
It turns out that it is not really profitable to do it alone, and with a mechanic who specializes in Dyno it is really not inexpensive, just need to be sure that it really is an expert before entrusting the motorcycle to him, for reference2006:
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