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300km charity group ride

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this is my 2nd group ride this year and it was fantastic (though we over-sped most of the time because streets in Viet Nam only motorcycle to ride at 60kph). We set out at 3:30 AM and arrived at 7:30 AM, average speed should be about 70-90kph and there were at least 50 bikes (big and small). The roads were fine with sunny (hot) weather but the riding formation sucked!!! After 30 mins riding, we divided into smaller group, I was in the leading group and have to admit that chasing those experience bikers is not a really comfy thing to do all day.
When we arrived the trip meter show a nice 300km and I still have plenty of gas left! Then the group had breakfast and went to a really rural area up in the hill, pretty steep hill (but with ride-able streets, of course) and gave the children there our gifts, which was not much but 400 children should be a considerable number. Each gift was a pack of 4 small boxes of milk and 5 notebooks. After that we return to the motel to rest and enjoy some nice view of the beach there and set out home at the next day's noon. Finished the trip with the trip meter point at 645km and thanks to the nice sitting position of the CBR, nothing was sore.

some thing to say about the awesome CBR:
-a day before the trip I went to a shop to check my bike and realized that I have been riding half deflated for quite a time now. The mechanic gave some more pressure to the front and rear tire and I could see front tire popped up a bit! No wonder I have been blaming this light bike for being so heavy to put in the garage.:D. Lesson learnt, check tire pressure often!
-I also change the rear shock to its stiffest level and it was a great decision, with me and my sister, weighing 140kg++, we exceeded the bikes safety loads and the lv5 stiffness worked like a charm.
-this was the first time I have the chance to really measure the mpg and not really surprised as I have always expected: 33km/l (77,9mpg). :cool:
-As I said, the total weight was 140kg~250lbs and the top speed achieved was roughly 121kph but we reached this speed in a very short time and I did not dare to twist the throttle more.
-I had a chance to ride a CB400 (inline 4) and Ninja 250 (2007, parallel twin). The CB400 was really narrow and short, the sound was superb and bet you this, not as much vibes as our CBR. The Ninja 250 was another great machine, Akrap exhaust, the ENGINE (not exhaust) sound was so sexy, and at low rpm it was a sleepy beast, going more than 4000rpm in 2nd, 3rd woke it up, very upright position.
-I witness a small guy ( I'm 88kg~190lbs, 175cm~5.7" and this guy should be 2/3 my size) trying out a CBR1000RR, he tested the exhaust at max rpm and the speakers in the cafe broke! The group applauded and the next thing we heard was the bike lying down and rev all the way. What happened? That guy went full throttle engaging the clutch and released the clutch when the rpm was too high and off he fell. The bike broke a slider and scratched a crankcase cover, the rider was fine physically only. Another lesson learnt, stay cold when riding!

Here are some pics:

Bringing the gifts to the children

their happy faces

This is me sitting on B-King, this thing is heavy, but sturdy as hell. Looked like a perfect fit for me, anw.
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Nicely done! Thanks for making the world a better place and having some fun at the same time.
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