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Hi All,

This is my first post as I just purchased my 2012 CBR250R Sunday. I'm slowly breaking it in and I've already tried calling around to a few local dealers, trying to find someone who will:

1. Charge a fair price for the first service.
2. Know what they're supposed to do for the first service/Not try to talk me out of having the valves inspected/adjusted if need be.

Unfortunately most service departments I've talked to really are NOT familiar with the 250R. I've received decent quotes just to find that they had no clue that a valve inspection and potentially adjustment were required. Once they tack that on we're back to quotes of $400+.

I've read over the valve guide here: 2012 Honda CBR250R Valve Adjustment Procedure - Page 1
and the process seems pretty straight forward if I'm willing to tear the bike down far enough to not need a scope to do the job.

So my reason for posting is to see if anyone in Maryland:

1. Knows of a reliable shop that can do this first scheduled service for me for a more reasonable price.
2. Would be willing to give me a hand doing the valve inspection/adjustment in exchange for $$$ or beer.

I feel like this is something I COULD do myself, but it'd be nice to have someone there who HAD done it before for guidance and confirmation.


P.S. - If someone could remove the default text from the subject line I would appreciate it!

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You can easily do the oil change and other items on the 600 mile service yourself. See the sticky "DIY Oil Change" at the top of this forum. Other than the Valve Clearance Inspection, the other items to check/adjust at 600 miles are in your Owner's Manual. If you do it yourself, it will cost you less than $25.00 for the oil, filter, and gaskets. With the money you just saved, you can get a Honda Service Manual for about $70.00.

I'd wait until you get 1000 to 1500 miles on the bike (riding the snot out of it), then do (or have it done) the VCI. This is what I did, and at 1500 miles, the valve clearances were still at factory spec.
IMO, it's a waste of time/money to do the VCI at 600 miles.
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