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7+ hours in the saddle and my ass didn't hurt!

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Last night at about 10pm, 7+ hours into a 2 hour ride, it hit me that my ass didn't hurt.

That made me happy. I could forget about having to find $300 for a Corbin seat! I was also pretty happy with the CBR250’s headlight, it really is pretty good. No big need to spend money improving this part of the bike since I don’t plan on doing much riding at night!

That still left me tired. And a little cold. My Cortech jacket’s liner zipper had grabbed a piece of cloth and jammed half way closed at the last gas stop. My arthritic shoulders were so pissed at that point that I couldn't free it and that was letting in a little bit of a draft.

My new Bell RS-1's fog free shield was fogging even though the vent had been wide open from the start. So much for test reports saying it had great ventilation! So much for Bell’s “vaunted Velocity Flow Ventilation system providing cool comfort”. Bastards!

My hands were pretty numb but they'd been that way for the last 5 hours and weren't getting any worse. That wasn't surprising though since I was wearing summer gloves and the temp was in the low 40's.

But, I was a only a half hour away from home so things were actually pretty good considering, considering that my stupidity had gotten me into this situation.

It's been gray, cold and rainy for the last week or so here in western NY so when the rain quit yesterday I decided to slide over the border into PA for a couple of hours of play.

I'd scoped out a route of PA back roads on Google Map that looked good, a circle route with what looked like a lot of slower turns. It was in the middle 40’s when I left but no rain made it worthwhile. Heck, I was only going to be out there for a couple of hours! This would be fun! So I left. Full tank of gas, freshly lubed chain, no GPS, no map but who cared. I knew where I was going!

About 2 hours later I realized something was wrong. I’d been having fun running alone for an hour or so on a rural two-lane through the woods, tight turns, short straights, up and down the big hills in that area. I’d caught up with a train of a few cars with a couple of sport bikes trapped in the middle. Got bored and passed them all one by one figuring that I was unlikely to get caught on the wrong side of the double yellow by a cop.

Then it hit me, I was still heading south on Rt. 44 and should have hit the intersection that would have had me heading back north. Maybe I didn’t know where I was going. Heck, I didn’t even know for sure where I was! And it was going to be dark in an hour or so.

Of course I should have turned around. Of course I didn’t. That turn around point was just up the road, right?

Three hours later I was headed in the right direction. I’d finally gotten back into civilization. Ate some food. Found a gas station that had a map and someone who knew where they were after stopping at a station which had no maps. I headed back north on more substantial roads.

I was about an hour from home when I came to a detour. Bummer, off onto the in-the-woods back roads I went again. They started out as really bad roads. Then really bad dirt roads. Then one lane dirt roads when which is when I realized that I must of gotten off the detour route. And once again had no f’ing idea of where I was.

About the time I started trying to remember what bears do at night I noticed that I only had one bar of gas left and had no idea of when it went from two to one. Hmmm, low on gas, dark, in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere and no idea of which way to go. Couldn’t get any worse, right?

Actually, right it was. I finally landed back on the right road. It didn’t bother me that I’d probably spent an hour in the woods and was maybe 5 miles closer to home that I had been at the start of the detour. I was on my way home again.

Made it home 8 hours after I’d left. Bike was OK, I was OK, wife was pissed, dogs couldn’t care less, cats, as always, met me hollering for food.

BTW, I’m ordering some marine 12v outlets and will install my GPS. :mad:
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great ride report. THANKS for postting it:) sounds like all ended well:D
I'm glade to know the bike is good for Iron Butt rides like the SS1000:rolleyes:
But most of the excitement and fun was because you got lost.:D
always take my TomTom One with me...If for nothing else, a quick glance lets me see the turns in the road coming up....thats especially important riding in and around the mountains here in east TN/western NC.

Alot of times I'll just go to areas I have never been and turn down whatever road looks empty and desolate (MY FAVORITE) then after taking random lefts and rights for a couple hours...I'll click "navigate to home" and let the GPS show the way..
Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I never have a map or gps unit. I really enjoy just heading out not knowing where I will end up. During the day it is pretty obvious the general direction you are going. I could definitely get lost at night but I don't ride too much at night.
Enjoyed your trip report. It is good you have a sense of adventure and humour. I as well have felt the 250's saddle is quite comfortable and I concluded this after owning and riding several different bikes. Glad you got home safe and sound and shared your adventure with us. :D

PS as the saying goes "cold hands, warm heart"

Carry on:)
Cool op :), should have kept heading south and ended up in Oz.
I always take my iPhone 4 under the passenger seat with me for this very reason. If I get lost, I can launch the Garmin GPS app. This will guide me back to where I need to be with street by street instructional turns. I try not to use it unless I am completely lost.
lol good times.
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