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A memorable ride to a friend's wedding and much more

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Riding to a friend’s wedding always gets me excited. There have been ample occasions where I’ve missed out on friend’s weddings held within the city, but happily gate crashed when someone gets married at his native place or at least decent riding distance from home. So this one wasn’t any different! A ride to an ex-colleague’s wedding turned out to be an amazing ride.

Route & distance: Mumbai-Hubbali-Jog Falls- Murudeshwar- Udupi- Coorg- Davangere-Mumbai: 2560 kms

Sharing a few images here:

Daylight after a night’s ride:

Interior roads towards Jog Falls- as against my apprehension of roads being bad, they turned out to be pretty good

Lovely roads to ride amidst peacefulness.

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Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing. You're quite a photographer! Especially love the picture of your CBR with the background of misty mountains. Excellent!
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