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A ride into the stone-age!

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Not a recent ride, but a past one. Encouraged by the comments I got from my last two ride posts- thought to share this one as well. It was a date with the rocks at Belum Caves and Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh to the mystical Hampi ruins in Karnataka. The total distance of the ride came to 2198 kms.

Hope you guys like it.

We were shivering riding throughout the night...thankfully they didn't ;)

At Tawandi Ghat, Karnataka

Just for a casual click

For the love of the lovely roads

Lovely sight that...train passing through the fields

Wish the bikes ran on clean energy too!

Posing by the sunflower fields

Too tired the previous evening after a non-stop ride of nearly 24 hours- we took a stop at a relatives place before we left again:

About to enter the state of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh welcomes us with great roads and scenery

Lord Hanuman blessing our bikes, and specially my punctured wheels which was leaking air all the time.

Nearing Belum caves:

Belum caves entrance

Entry to Belum caves (More info about the caves here Belum Caves - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The other smaller pit

Meditation hall

Fountain installed by the Tourism Dept

Walking around

LED strips overhead

Few more images of the cave

...and this is what is over the caves!

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Thanks, once again, for inviting the rest of us to join you vicariously on your trip! The temples, cloisters, other structures and raised-relief carvings all appear to be marvels of inspired engineering and very reminiscent of the best of Greco-Roman work. What is the approximate time-frame for the structures and art shown in your photos? Was there a Greek influence, or vice versa?
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