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This is pretty much what my neighbor said about the exhaust on his car when I recommended he might want to look in to some thing a little louder for all the dear that live where we live. Well... 2 years later and 8 dear and three cars later :rolleyes: he still has not heeded my advice.
For me the sound is more of a safety issue. I might get something louder for that reason alone.
I am not advocateing for being annoying and too loud but chances are if my exhaust gets some notice then you know I am there even when you maybe talking on your cell phone. IF this helps me get back to my family at the end of the day then I am all for it.
Sounds to me more like he needs to invest in a deer whistle. I don't see how a louder exhaust would help him. Loud ass harleys hit deers all the time.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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