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Aftermarket exhaust illegal?

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According to Two Brothers Racing under FAQ....

Q:Are aftermarket exhaust systems street legal?

A:No, a common misconception is that some aftermarket systems are legal while others are not. Currently no City, State or Federally approved motorcycle aftermarket exhaust system exists in the U.S. market. Our exhaust systems are for racing purposes only.

Is this really true? I am about to get my new cbr in under 2 weeks and I wanna have this exhaust ready for install at dealership. I was concerned about it being "too loud" to where I would get a tix.....

Will honda dealerships install this? and is it really illegal? how about the 87db at 2000rpm?
I dont want it to be loud, I could care less about the sound...I just want to get rid of the OEM pipe, I think its horrid looking, so I would not be opposed to buying a silencer with it.

This is my first bike, I will have a warranty, so how does the exhaust affect that, will it void the whole bike? I can get it done at the dealership
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ahh..deer in iowa it is like P&J
State 29: Iowa Still Has More Dead Motorcyclists Because Of Deer Than Soliders Killed In Iraq This Year
I know it is an 2007 article

Deer are stupid yes..but the ones that bother me the most are the ones that dont move intill you are up on them. It is harder to see them then if they are moving.

All thou I do believe that a loud exhaust is not a sure thing when it comes to deer, I have yet to have met any hunter who hunts them off a running dirt bike with loud pipes, even on there own property.
Psych , do you duck flying fish? Do they make a tsunami whistle? If I was in Hawaii, I might buy a saiboat instead of the cbr.

I think the deer graze near the road because late in the season there is always a little fresh grass at the edge of the road. Like any thing else they get used to vehicles, and those are the pain in the butts that you drive right up to. Out in the field they spook easier, god might be on our side, but Murphy is definately on the side of the deer.
I don't see how a deer whistle would ever be effective. They do however effectively annoy the **** out of me.

However my CBR will be loud, and the whole thing about having no power added, well. I've seen much choppier dyno graphs that still made power. I always doubt the amount of power increase companies claim but Two Brothers is a business that's been making quality bike exhaust systems for years. I think they do enough R&D to be sure that it's worth putting it on before they sell it.

But I've never been pulled over for loud exhaust, not with straight piped cars even. My current car can be heard for half a mile away if I'm on it full throttle yet if I'm just cruising around you don't even notice it. I've not had a single person complain about it.
Psych , do you duck flying fish? Do they make a tsunami whistle? If I was in Hawaii, I might buy a saiboat instead of the cbr.
Hahahahha! :D
Actually I do alot of Jet Ski'ing and surfing! But since the weather is so great all year round I figure why buy a car when I can ride this sweet machine.

About the flying fish....well if I do, I think I will just pin it, ride straight into em, and make some sushi!
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