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Hi everyone, a small intro about myself. I have been crazy about bikes ever since I saw a blazing red superbike whizzz past me. I was too small to note the model or the make, but ****, it was fast all right.
Ever since then, I decided to ride a bike. However, my parents, however loving they may be, out rightly refused to buy me a bike. My teenage passed without a bike, just dreams and fantasies. Nevertheless I was gifted a car, a Suzuki ALTO when I was in college, but even that did not go anywhere near extinguishing my desire of riding a bike.

I remember I had a chance to drive my cousin brother's bike. I had just finished my 12th. But I did not know the A-B-C of bike or its handling. The image is still very clear in my mind, like a film screen that keeps running, everytime you close your eyes. I pressed the clutch, put the bike in first gear. How did I know what throttle to give? I raised the accelerator to its fullest possible, left the clutch in a second, and there I was doing a wheelie, not know how to stop. I did not intend to do a wheelie, it happened. The next two seconds went too fast for me to remember or notice. The bike slipped and fell to its side, still sliding on the leg guard. I somewhere down the line left the bike, but then I closed my eyes. Opened them, to see my brother coming to pick me up, people crowding around me and the bike. Everyone lifted me up. With GOD's grace, I only had a few minor bruises and a Armani jeans torn at the knee. I still carry that jeans as a reminder. My mobile was done for, completely eroded to road.

This incident, big or small taught me what a bike was. I respected it ever since. I left the bike riding urge then and there. Promised never to touch a bike again. Also my parents and my girlfriend, spell-bounded as they were, immediately shunned and snubbed my biking dreams.

Now I am 23. Never rode a bike after that incident. I have a job, am a software engineer. Saved enough money. So what do I do with the bucks?
Bought myself a Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI 2007 model, a second hand one. Lovely bike. Started riding. But no racing, no stunts. Just decent cruising.

Now this was my story a couple of months back, now here I am, spending sleepless nights, waiting to fulfill my desire of riding Bruna, my CBR Baby... Expecting delivery like all you people in here...
Only one thing to say to you brothers, "LETS RIDE".

Hoping to be a rider for life,

Ajay Manohar
Presently at Bangalore
Native - Kerala, Trichur/Thalassery
Profession : IT

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Welcome Ajay...Very nice intro.
I always say "Whenever u fall of a bike u get more experience about riding"..

Whn u r getting yr bike and whos d dealer???
Saphire Honda, BTM. I am expecting delivery by April end. Fingers crossed!!!
Welcome Ajay.. yeah brutal biking accidents are one that shut us down from our dreams.

But i must say nice intro! i cannot wait either till the release of this dam thing!
Thanks abhi and 250cc. Everyone falls, but brave are the ones who rise everytime they fall!!!
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