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I'm new here and a few weeks ago bought a CBR250 with ABS here in Bangkok. I'll be using these forums to try to maintain and understand how the bike works. Thanks in advance for the help I'm sure to get.

I joined the "other CBR250" forum before I realized it was for the older 4-cylinder bikes that confusingly have the same names as these newer models. As a way of introduction I'm going to post much of what I said in a thread over there concerning the suitability of the CBR250 for highway riding. Those guys are biased toward bigger bikes -- in my opinion they sort of look down on the new CBR250.

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I am the happy owner of a new CBR250R with ABS in Thailand and for touring over here it's fantastic. It's highly maneuverable, even in the ugly traffic one encounters in the cities, takes turns beautifully in the boondocks, gets fantastic gas mileage (how does 85 mpg sound?), and for me, a 6'2" 110 kg farang riding 2-up with my 50 kg girlfriend and our gear, a spirited ride. And it draws admiring stares at every stop. I love it.

No, it wouldn't work well for traveling the superslab over there. The little 250cc engine would be hard pressed to spin at 80 mph for the extended periods of time that seems to demand. Hell, I bought a VStrom 650 last spring, drove it for 4600 miles and sold it as soon as I finished the ride. The U.S. is too big, too expensive and too **** cold for motorcycle touring IMO. I was carrying more riding gear on that trip than all the stuff I bring along for a 7-month stay in Thailand LOL.

I write a blog (who doesn't?) and have posted a few articles with my impressions of the new ride. I've done quite a bit of touring here with the venerable Honda Phantom, a 200cc old-technology bike, and this new moto is quire a step up from that. Big bikes are very expensive to own and operate over here. Most people drive little 110cc Clicks and Waves, Finos and Scoopys, toys by comparison with the fire breathing monsters common in the states. But people here don't have the disposable income Americans have -- there are still plenty of old 2-stroke cropdusters around delivering ice, propane and commuters -- people simply make do. It's the family car and pickup truck over here, not the toy it is for most of us.

Here's what I wrote after our first trip out of Bangkok:

We just recently finished a longer trip down south, an awesome trip. Beautiful roads, easy weather (mostly) and with delicious and cheap Thai food all the way. Beats the hell out of eating at Denny's, Outback, McDonalds and KFC and the other trashy fast food we're stuck with in the states. It's in three parts:

My 2 cents,
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I'll be talking with you here on the forums.

Bangkok, Thailand
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