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As I'm sure many of you have heard, a road rage incident by a 26-year old woman killed a navy officer on a motorcycle in California after he allegedly kicked her car. She apparently cut him off or merged into his lane, which instigated his behavior. She then physically hit his motorcycle with her car and ran over him.

Of course some of this is speculation as to what he did that caused her behavior; regardless, they were involved in an argument which caused this act on her part. Best wishes to his family.

Navy officer killed in road rage incident - CNN Video

As I've said many times before, do not confront sh*tty drivers. They are not going to change their ways because a random person lectures them for 30 seconds on the road.

Do not attempt to physically engage the individual or their vehicle. A knocked off mirror out of rage is enough to send people into murder mode.

Do not antagonize people by criticizing their driving habits. You are unaware of what events have recently transpired in this person's life, and they may be very close to the edge of a mental break. You have no idea how unstable they could be, and this could be the last straw to set them off.

Just because you are in the right doesn't make it worth your life to make sure the other person knows it. Our ability to remain calm and collected, and the self-assurance that we were obeying traffic laws and acting civilized should be all the kudos we need to humble ourselves in that situation.

Stay safe everyone.

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some people, want to, get satisfaction from, hurting others..
unrelated societies thru history have practiced cannibalism..
unrelated groups and individuals have used torture
and other violent to fatal abuses of other humans..

that bloke in the car next to you is not, your mate..
he [or she] could be one of the real psychopaths
or other potentially dangerous individuals
walking, and driving, around..

he or she could be carrying, and ready to shoot..

on our motorcycles, we are like the little fluffy doggy
compared to the large aggressive pit-bull..
the pitty might be friendly to the little fluffy thing,
but if fluffy bites or even barks at the pitty,,
theres a predictable outcome..

anyone with half a brain knows driving while texting,
checking emails or facebook, playing computer games[!]
etc, are dangerous inappropriate activities while driving..

ie, you wont be telling them some new information,
rather, causing a different reaction,, like anger..
like fluffy biting the pitty,, or the pitty biting
a bengal tiger at the zoo..

this also comes under that general reality for us;
you can not trust them..
you must not, trust them..
they could be - anyone -
and do anything...
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