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I live in PR (Point Reyes). I don't get my bike until later this week and I'm busy this coming weekend taking care of family but usually I'm good on any weekend.

If you ride through Point Reyes Sta I'll probably be easy to spot. I'll be the old guy (41) on the little red 250R pissing off all the guys on the slow crotch rockets.

It doesn't matter what you ride, you can only go so fast on the tight twisties out here and the light little 250R has a wicked advantage over the porky 600 & 1000cc rockets :D

On another note: I'm truly blessed in that I can also ride slow and have an excellent time doing so.

So if you plan on being out here the weekend after the one coming let me know. Whether it be a fast clip or a mellow stroll I'm flexible. I think it would be a hoot riding along with another little 250 :)
Point Reyes, i always want to go there in a bike. hope we guys can set a which weekend we can go.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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