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Any Ideas what these are from

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I have just completed a light restoration of a 1982 CM250 but have ended up with a couple of screws/bolts left over. I can't for the life me remember where they came from and I've scoured the parts diagrams until I'm bog eyed so I'm asking anyone out there recognises them. To me they look as if they are intended to lock something in place such as controls on a handlebar but I have nothing missing there.



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Welcome to the forum. We are experts here for our model: CBR250R. Each model is a whole world that needs to be learned in order to specialize in it.

And there is also a common knowledge for all models:
  1. It is not known what these screws are used for. You claim that your restoration work was light, but the relevant question is what assemblies did you mess with? Because there are assemblies that can cause a lot of damage if two screws are missing there, even if they are small.
  2. Besides, your two screws probably didn't tighten anything because I see in the picture that they ends are completely worn.
    So maybe you manage to remember where you two loosened screws without any effort?
  3. Sometimes it happens that something falls from our toolbox, OR maybe from our previous work... and there are screws on the table that are not related to the project. If you work clean and orderly this should not happen. But sooner or later it happens to all of us:sneaky::coffee: It is possible that these are screws that accidentally fell on the table?
  4. Last: with a **flashlight, go over all the areas of the motorcycle you've been on and look if there's a hole that's missing a screw?
    There should be a hole for an OVAL? because the heads of yours screws are OVAL (LINK).
    White Product Font Parallel Design

    **The idea is that the flashlight helps focus attention on small details.
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Thanks for getting back to me.

I didn't dismantle engine or gearbox other than removing the two side panels to repaint them and I've taken them off again to check. What I did remove was all of the other mechanical parts (wheel, swing arm, levers etc), wiring and electrical components .

The head style is oval cross as you've ringed. However, the ends are not worn, they are machined flat. No thread on that part of the screw which is why I thought it was designed to stop something rotating on the handle bars.

These screws were left in a magnetic tray that was empty when I started. It's a mystery. I've been all over it with a torch but I'll do it again.
Mystery Solved

One of the parts that I had to replace was a broken headlight bucket and the one I bought was complete, headlight and bucket. I've just checked the old one and these two screws fit the headlight to the bucket. :)

Thanks for your help. Sometimes it just needs that challenge from someone to spark the memory into life.

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Just out of curiosity I checked Partzilla and there they are.
Surprised they have so many parts and exploded diagrams for a 1982 Honda 250.
Great resource if you get stuck with "spare parts" again. :)

Honda Motorcycle 1982 OEM Parts Diagram for Headlight |
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