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I bought mine practically new with 2k miles in it, and instantly realized the rattle at 5krpms. after a few days I knoticed the chain was a bit dry so I lubed the funk out of it and the rattle completely dissipated! so far it hasnt come back (fingers crossed) but we'll see in a few days. ill re post if it comes back at all

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there have been vibrations and rattling reported solved here
including loose fasteners, poorly dampened fairing joints
esp to do with lights/instruments.. also one member
had a loose engine mount bolt, rear i think..
also loose screws in lower fairing belly pan
probably dropped their during assembly..

seems likely that people hearing rattles from engine
are hearing something, as this four valve overhead cam
engine and its cam chain must make typical noises
even when correctly adjusted and lubricated..

ive never heard any, unusual engine rattle in mine..
almost 3yrs now, bought almost new..
before even riding her i checked all available fasteners
[couple of fairing fasteners a bit loose if i remember]
plus adjusted [didnt need it] and lubed the chain etc..

thereve been heaps of varying reports from members
over the years of rattles and vibrations and noises..
the only time ive heard anything that might have been
other than normal engine noises has been after reading
members reports of their 'rattling'..

ie, when ive started black beauty and while allowing
her to settle to 1500rpm and deliberately listened for
anything, there was apparent engine noise..
but it was to me more like listening
and focussing than hearing anything
extra, or unusual..

so aside from checking fasteners and servicing
when necessary, my 'cure' has been to
redirect attention away from trying
to hear something...

no disrespect meant here, and obviously some could
have poorly adjusted valves or camchains etc etc,
but it still seems like the situation of virtually
aways catholic women seeing the virgin mary
in the clouds or in tealeaves or on biscuits etc..

its not about their sincerity,, more like whats
actually in the clouds or tealeaves etc..
and whats in these good folks minds..

still,, if you can hear any unusual rattle
in your engine, by all means take it
to your honda mechanic for attention..

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I've just taken my bike out in the rain for the first time and it purred like a walrus without that 5k rattle. I tried to listen for it but couldn't hear it 5k onward. I suspect the front sprocket it the cause. I'm having a look at it today I'll post what I find.
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