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Anyone else lusting over the new 690 Duke?

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Thank God I can't afford a new bike. Thank God I can't afford payments on a new bike. Otherwise this thing would be sitting in my garage as soon as it became available.

Yes, only 69-70 crank horse power and about 50 lbs of torque but... fully fueled it weights a couple pounds less than the CBR250R. HELLO power/weight ratio!

Looking at the thing, the style, the ergos, it's about the closest thing I can find to my old Buell XB12S. FUN! If it had adjustable suspension and a drive belt it would be absolutely perfect.

It still wouldn't replace the wee bee as a work bike but what an awesome 'me time' bike this would make.

It's time to start buying Lotto tickets :D
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That is one bad ass bike, if it priced at say 6 to 7k sign me up.
My guess is USA msrp will be 8 to 9k. Or the same as the Ducati 696, I would jump all over the KTM between the 2. Cant deny the law of weight and power with this thing, its just crazy.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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