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Anyone else lusting over the new 690 Duke?

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Thank God I can't afford a new bike. Thank God I can't afford payments on a new bike. Otherwise this thing would be sitting in my garage as soon as it became available.

Yes, only 69-70 crank horse power and about 50 lbs of torque but... fully fueled it weights a couple pounds less than the CBR250R. HELLO power/weight ratio!

Looking at the thing, the style, the ergos, it's about the closest thing I can find to my old Buell XB12S. FUN! If it had adjustable suspension and a drive belt it would be absolutely perfect.

It still wouldn't replace the wee bee as a work bike but what an awesome 'me time' bike this would make.

It's time to start buying Lotto tickets :D
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I love the 690 Duke - and it has been on my shortlist for a while. However, I found it interesting that these reviewers from Motorcycle Magazine found the new Husqvarna 650 Strada to be the better bike. It seems the smoothness of the engine (much less highway vibes) played a part in their decision.

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