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I'm thinking of ordering a kit with the whole Thanksgiving sales going on. They only sell in pairs however so I'd only need half of it.

Half of the kit would be $140 + shipping. But it's a very very high quality kit.

It's a Bi Xenon projector so it has both high and low beam by flipping a solenoid inside of the projector. This will provide the best lighting you can get while keeping a legal 35w HID bulb. You could upgrade to a 50-55w ballast at some point if you wanted but technically they are not legal.

The install will be mostly plug in and go besides the projector portion, that will need the headlight to be removed and baked to pull it apart. Getting the headlight apart is the hardest part of the whole swap.

PM or reply here if you're interested. There is no angel eye or anything dumb like that, just a clean looking projector sunk into your OEM headlight.
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