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Colin Edwards has always been one of the most personable riders in the paddock, and the popularity of his previous Arai replica helmets has always reflected this. Edwards first showed his latest helmet design at the Indianapolis GP last summer and its bold design definitely turned some heads.

Dubbed the Patriot, the helmet does not leave you wondering why. Bold stars and stripes wrap around the sides of the helmet, with the Special Warfare insignia of the US Navy Seals prominently displayed on top. Colin explained that this was meant to honor the 22 Seals and 8 other US personnel that were killed when their Chinook was shot down in Afghanistan in August of 2011 - just weeks before the race at Indy.

Riders Discount has this brand new Arai Corsair-V Colin Edwards Patriot available and ready to ship today, so be sure to contact Brad today if you’re interested. You can get in touch by sending a PM through the forum or by calling 866-931-6644 ext. 810. You can also feel free to shoot an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT.COM and we’ll get back to you right away.

The Arai Corsair-V Edwards Patriot shown here with the optional dark smoke shield.

The Special Warfare insignia of the US Navy Seals is prominently displayed on the top of the helmet.

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