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Backroads of Northern Kentucky

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When they pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at an "empty" spot in space, scientists were stunned to find that there were billions of galaxies in the images they captured.

Using Google Maps on the state of Kentucky is like that. Point Google at an "empty" place anywhere in Kentucky, zoom in, and you will find that it is not empty at will be filled with tiny one-lane country roads. These roads run across and along ridges and dive down into muddy creek bottoms. They are seemingly endless.

I decided to pick a section of map, a box about 12 miles long by 12 miles wide, and make a GPS route to ride as many of the roads within that area as possible. I tried to minimize backtracking but freely let routes cross over one another.

What a hoot! It turned out to be 100 miles that took me about four hours to ride, including a lunch stop at Waffle House in Dry Ridge.

Weather was overcast and humid, temperatures around 46 deg F and occasionally gusty winds. Most of the time my speeds were around 35-45 mph and I spent a lot of time running along creeks, so the wind was only a factor when I popped up briefly onto the ridgetops.

The CBR250R is perfectly designed to ride roads like this. I installed a set of heated grips that Santa brought me, so between them and a heated jacket liner I was comfortable throughout the ride.

Just goes to show how much fun you can have right in your own back yard!

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A lot of those look just like the rural roads here in the south of England. The only difference is that it's much harder here to find a 12 mile square without a town or six in it.
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Sad to say that there are some pretty junky people living in parts of the backcountry here...dilapidated homes and rubbish everywhere. Although it's common to see these trashed-out places, it's not the majority thankfully.
Another difference between the my location and yours. There's no way junky people can afford to live out of town here. Rural and coastal property prices are driven sky high by successful folks wanting peaceful living or second homes. And oh how a lot of them moan and complain at anything they think is intruding on their isolated lives.
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