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Bad Experience while getting an oil change. BEWARE Tampa Riders!

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I recently bought a brand new motorcycle, not from this dealer that I had the issue with (Motorsports of Tampa) but these guys are near where I work so it's closer and decided I'd use them for my servicing. WARNING: if you didn't buy from Motorsports of Tampa they'll let you know it and make you feel like a second class citizen.

In the weeks prior to my horrible experience I had called them a couple of times with questions and NOONE answers in the service department, so much for service. I'd get someone in sales and they'd put the call through to service but it'd just ring endlessly. I called 2-3 times before I finally got someone, and this happened on several different occasions.

Now on to the good stuff. As I said, I just bought a new bike, only had it for a month and half and only put a little over 200 miles on it. The service manual for my bike says to have the oil changed at either the 600 Mile 1st Service or after one month, since I wasn’t close to my 600 mile mark and had it over a month I decided to bring it in for an oil change. While there I also mentioned a fairing bolt that was evidently cross threaded when the bike was built and asked them if they could fix that while they changed my oil (this should be covered by the warranty since it was a factory error), I was told it shouldn't be a problem and it would take about an hour for the oil change and that they'd call me. This was at 2PM, so I decided to go ahead and go to work which is down the street.

Over three hours later, around 5:15PM (the shop closes at 6PM and I have no other way home) I still have not received a call back. So I call the shop and once again after making a couple of calls since the service desk didn't answer I finally get someone. "Oh yeah, it's been done, you can come pick it up" I am told. It sure would have been nice if someone called and told me! So I go pick up the bike and after asking them if they managed to fix the fairing bolt, I am told by a service member "Opps, I forgot to tell them". Really?

So already disappointed I ride clear across town to get home, once I get there and park I notice that my fairing and back tire is slick splattered in oil. Great! It's past their closing time so I have to wait until the morning to call and tell them about it. Next morning I get up for work and attempt to call them to see if I can drop it off and have them look at it on my way to work. Guess what? NO ASNWER! After several attempts and begging the sales people to go back and find someone I can talk to I am told they will call back. I don't have time for that, I need to be to work and the bike is my only transportation.

So I ride my bike to the dealership, knowing it's dangerous since it's leaking oil and the brand new factory tires are already slick without the motor oil splattered all over them. They come out and look at it (the same kid who forgot to tell them about my fairing bolt) and see's the oil covered tire and that the engine is now almost completely drained of oil, the kid says "I'm surprised you made it here, that's dangerous". NO CRAP!

So they finally fix it, I try to complain to the owner or store manager, but neither are available to talk to me and in the end they do fix my bike but other than offer me a half empty apology they don't do anything for me. Honestly for all that crap I think at the very least they could have refunded my money or at least given me a credit for a free future service... then again I'm glad they didn't. I'll NEVER go back to this place again.
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Was your bike leaking oil because of them? Meaning, was it a leaking gasket from the factory, or did they just forget to use a new washer when reinstalling the drain bolt?

If it's their doing, you're right to avoid them completely. Dealers are rarely beacons of excellent customer service, but an oil change is so basic that I wouldn't trust them even to wash my bike after that.

I've dealt with Honda car dealers that are top notch, but bike dealers seem to be skeevy in general...
Hmm. I bought my bike from a place other than the local Honda powerstore location which I plan to use for servicing. Hope they don't give me a difficult time about it. Sorry to hear this..
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