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Up and on the bike at 6.20am for a great ride.

Just under 400km one way, right through Kanchanburi and up to a Burmese border post.

After a breakfast stop in Kanchanaburi the next break was at an old Khmer temple call Prasat Muang Sing, about 40km after Kan.

Very Indiana Jonesy.

Can light a candle and pray a large boulder doesn't come tumbling after you.

Free entry and no one else about.

Being Khmer built (the old enemy) it doesn't get a lot of publishing by the Thais. :rolleyes:

160km or so up the road, and just before Thong Pha Phum is Pu Nam Rawn Hin Dat - or Hin Dat Hot Springs.

40b in (local price)

Pretty busy being a public holiday.

I've been in hot springs in Spain before that were warm. These were almost boiling. On par with the hottest bath you've ever been able to slip into. After 10 minutes of slipping in bit by bit it's a great soak after 300km of riding.

Lots of waterfalls and caves etc is one wants to stop off for a swim/perv at the local girls. :D


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I do love the entrance to Thong Pha Phum:

Nice biking road between Thong Pha Phum and Sangkhlaburi.

The second I stopped for lunch it got a bit wet:

Luckily had passed by the time I finished.

The famous Mon-Wooden bridge (the longest wooden bridge in Thailand) and goes across the reservoir.

In the dry season the reservoir drops and an old temple that is usually submerged is visible and you can kayak out to it. Sounds pretty cool.

Do love this temple on the mountain into Sangkhlaburi:

Three Pagado Pass into Burma:

Lots of Burmese walking in and out, tiz a no go for foreigners though. You used to be able to pay 500b for a day pass and head over the border into the town to buy a lot of blackmarket goods etc. But it shut up shop about 3 years ago. There's a lot of fighting between the Burmese Rebels (how control that area of Burma) and the Burmese Military Junta and the Thais as well. Think three people were killed about a month ago when a bomb went off.

Anyway, guidebooks say that people are usually a bit disappointed with the small size of the 3 pagodas, which they say are a bit small.

They're right.

Was 3pm and didn't want to stop riding. So turned around and came home.

780km in a day.

For those who pay attention to fuel economy I used about 27 litres. Which is about 28kmpl, which isn't surprising as a lot was done at 140-150kph indicated. The morning blast from BKK-Kanchanburi (6.30-8.00am) was brilliant on the quiet 4 lane roads, very cool morning air and morning light, throttle pinned and the gas gauge dropping at an exceedingly fast level. :)

Good ride all up.

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Redline.. I went up there once on my old Cbr250r the 4cylinder one.. It was a hoot. And your pictures actually make the 3 pagodas look a bit bigger than i remember (unimpressed springs to mind)
The road up the mountain (big hill) is fun. When i get my new Cbr i'm going to have to do it again.. Great pictures, well done.
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