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Bay Area Riders - Anyone Use Peninsula Motorsports?

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I already have a recommendation for a Sunnyvale shop from one member but Penisula Motorsports is less than 2 miles for my work. I could drop the bike off early and jog in. They use to be a dealer; now they only do service. I'd rather use a dealer for my 600 mile service but this place is so darn convenient.
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Hi Pete,
I used East Bay Motorsports for my service, just a few miles away from me.
Yeah I work on Seaport just off 101 and Woodside and since the 600 is an all day thing with the bike having to be cold I hate to ride a distance and then be stuck there all day - and be kinda hosed if something goes wrong and they need to keep the bike an extra day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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