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It is clarified that Dynojet is not producing a correctly working ecu unit for CBR 250 right now regarding their emails sent to us as they have problems with the stubborn O2 censor. It means, the ones they have sold already is not working proper as well.
So, our only options for an ECU are Bazzaz and Yoshi units.
Still, as you know, Dynojet is one of the best company researching and producing ECU units for bikes and if they could not manage to produce one efficiently working with the bike then the others might not make one working proper as well.
So, it is really confusing and floating in the air and after the response from dynojet and many owners, i became paranoid out of it. I do not want end up buying an ecu unit which is actually not working properly.
Please contribute guys, let's find out which unit is best for our bikes.
Most of us bought the pipe and what we need is a new ecu now.
(Note: I am not counting Juice box from Two Bros as it is also produced by Dynojet. So, i am assuming that it is not working as well. Please correct me if not.)
Thanks in advance.
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