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yamaha yzf 600 restricted
for an 1/8th of a turn off the line by far the best bike which is expected as it is a 600. light, nimble but the restriction is very very frustrating and the bike just dies in the ass. not recommended, just wait till you can ride one unrestricted.

cb 400
great riding position. power off the line and at top end. bike can get away from you and feels what i imagine a real bike feels like. weighted to the outside and feels very heavy, not the easiest of the learner legals to corner but a good all rounder that you could ride well into your full license if need be. only prob is price.

kawa 250 ninja 2008-now
first you have to wait till it warms up. slowish of the line but nicer top end than the new cbr250r 2011 (really only of use on highways though). felt a touch heavier through corners than the cbr but still very nimble. no ABS or fuel injection and all analogue dash plus $1000-$2000 more than the cbr till it was released so thank you honda for not trying to jack us learners. bottom line if you get the kawa get an older one that has powerband up top (lots of fun)

gs 500f 2010
first bike i tested. nice off the line, lacked up top. heavy in corners. heavy in general as it is a big bike.

cbr 250r 2011
waited 4 months for this to hit our shores (aus) nice off the line (clutch a little too smooth at times). lacks a little up top in each gear (compared to the 400) but it still moves. beautiful cornering which requires just a turn of the head. like the computer display and knowing the ABS is there if needed as people in sydney cant drive.

old kawa my mate has (250 sports)
**** off the line but omg got to love the powerband. in second 60 km to 140 km with ease. unbelievable.

just thought i would give my findings from test riding a few bikes.

i chose the cbr 250r 2011 over the cb 400 for the following reasons:
price and resale value. $7000 ABS vs $11000 ABS and i figured i could resell the 250 for 6-6500 with pipe in 12 months easier than selling the 400 as there is a lot less learners willing to fork out 10000 for there first bike
also the cornering ability of the 250 was much easier and smoother for someone with no bike experience
looks, always wanted a sports bike
it was a tough choice as i really enjoyed the power of the 400 but i thought i could sacrifice it to enjoy it more on my full license.

hope this helps everyone. ride safe guys and girls. peace

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Actually you are only looking at about an addtional $500 in Aus fron the Kawa.

Good review though........
sorry for the mis price your right. i meant the price before they dropped it for the honda. last year it was $8990 in syd and $7990 in qld (may have been $7990 in syd and $6990 in qld i cant remember). thanks for the feed back glad you enjoyed it.
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