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Belt and Pulley instead of sprocket and chain

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Please pardon me if this topic has been discussed and my google foo was just not good enough to find the right place. Has any CBR125 owner converted from chain to belt? My wife and I are ready to purchase a 125r but we were hoping there was a kit for this project (like I did to her Honda 750 ten years ago). Thank you, in advance.
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For starters, it would be a power thief on a low horsepower bike, as the belt has to have a fair amount of tension to prevent the belt cogs from skipping on the pulleys. Another issue is that to maintain that tension consistently throughout the rear suspension travel, the drive pulley would have to rotate on the same axis as the swing arm pivot. If someone did make such a kit, it wouldn't be cheap either. Conventional drive chain and sprockets are still the most efficient means of transmitting power to the rear wheel on a small displacement motorcycle.
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Why would you need a belt drive?...
White Nikes look funny when the left one is splattered with black chain smegma. :rolleyes:
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