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Belt and Pulley instead of sprocket and chain

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Please pardon me if this topic has been discussed and my google foo was just not good enough to find the right place. Has any CBR125 owner converted from chain to belt? My wife and I are ready to purchase a 125r but we were hoping there was a kit for this project (like I did to her Honda 750 ten years ago). Thank you, in advance.
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The Kawasaki KZ305 of the early to mid '80s was available with belt drive. The BMW F650 was also available with belt drive. Other than that, in recent times belt Harley is about the only manufacturer to adopt belt drive on any scale.

The idea is attractive. Belts are quiet and smooth. They are nearly maintenance free with a long life, but do have to be replaced on schedule. They looked a good option compared to the standard chain.

However since o-ring chains arrived on the scene the most of the disadvantages of the chain have been overcome. An o-ring chain life is as good as a belt with minimal maintenance compared to a standard chain.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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