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It's been sitting for a while, probably about 3 months uncovered, on a small porch.

The battery is fine, reads 12.25 when it's off the bike, 10.3 when it's connected with the ignition off, and with the ignition switch on it reads zero across the battery contacts.

I checked the starter relay fuse and the aux fuse box, all are fine.

Pulled apart all the connectors and used electronics cleaner on the contacts, all the wiring looks just fine.

The bike is completely unreactive when it's turned on, none of the lights or main panel turn on. No buzz sound that it normally does when first turned on. Nothing. I'm at a complete loss.
Battery is not fine - it's dead, and most likely needs replacement if it doesn't charge over 12.V and hold over 10V during cranking.

A fully charged 12V battery reads 12.7V or more.

12.25V is 60% (EDIT: 40%) charged, but it should hold that when connected - unless it's junk.

Right now it's dead as a door nail.

I'd plan on buying a new one.
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