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Black Non-ABS finally in!

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It was down pouring and my dealer asked me if I was sure I wanted to pick it up today... Ummm, yes I think I do! I ran it about an hour through the rain and this bad boy is awesome!

Sorry about the low quality pic, it was pretty late by the time I got home.
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:confused: You do realize you bought a 250cc with 24hp, right? Considering that the CBR250R has the same power to weight ratio as a Toyota Prius, I would put my money on the Porsche. LOL!
Umm.... Power to Weight Ratio?

2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid

Power......134 Hp
Weight.....3042 lbs (curb)

Thus - 22.7 lbs per horsepower. To match the CBR250Rs power to weight ratio, the Prius would have to produce 220 hp.

2011 Honda CBR250R

Power......26 Hp
Weight.....359 lbs (curb)

Thus - 13.8 lbs per horsepower.

Even if you factor in an average hefty 180 lb rider.

Toyota Prius = 24 lbs per horsepower.

CBR250R = 20.7 lbs per horsepower.

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