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Black Non-ABS finally in!

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It was down pouring and my dealer asked me if I was sure I wanted to pick it up today... Ummm, yes I think I do! I ran it about an hour through the rain and this bad boy is awesome!

Sorry about the low quality pic, it was pretty late by the time I got home.
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Nice dude! I think I put about 20-30 on mine... I will admit, my ass was hurting pretty bad by the end of the trip. Also, I had the honor of riding through the rain FREEZING... I actually had to pull over a couple times. Did you get the warrantee? I ended up getting it since it cost more to buy it later and you get 60 days to drop without a penalty.
I had to... It was that or wait another day 2 days! It wasn't that bad either, the only annoying thing was not being able to blow past the porsche next to me because I'm breaking it in...
The muffler is pretty ridiculous, I liked the idea I saw of sanding and painting it black but I wonder if that would do anything to the warranty? The sound isn't nearly as bad as that youtube video but I still will be buying a new muffler the first chance I get/see a quality one.
Maybe they think no one will want to ride yet anything? I think the more popular riding states (ie Florida and Cali) got them first because they have strong sales year round. The place I bought mine from was huge!

BTW, Honda has a promo 1.99% financing if your credit is good enough... I'm going to end up paying only $170 interest over three years! Make sure to apply for that when you are at your dealer.
First off, I would be very surprised to actually SEE someone take a manual porsche 0-60 in the time they "claim" it can go... Plus most anyone pretentious enough to actually own a porsche probably doesn't actually race it, and a bike's clutch is WAY easier to operate. If you put a rich douche against a high torque 250cc bike like the CBR with a skilled rider, I wouldn't be surprised to see the bike to be the first one to hit 30-40 mph.
Did you order the ABS? I'm curious to know how well that extra $500 will hold up in resale value. I got the warranty and I'm wondering the same thing with that as well... I imagine if I ever want to sell, having a warranty would really increase resale.
Yeah the 1.99% financing is great, but not everybody is going to be able to get it. BTW black is pretty sweet, I don't know why you would want that tri-color scheme instead! Honda probably doesn't think it's warm enough in Chicago yet for people to want to ride :) I was up there a few weeks ago and it was freezing, although I am from south florida.
Yeah the black does show dried water and road dust but you don't really notice it from a few feet away. I wish I had a sweet spray brush because the black would look awesome with a few colored accents. I saw one on youtube with a slip-on exhaust that had really cool orange/red accents. I do worry about being seen at night, which is why I was looking into getting LED stuff, however I've heard they aren't always street legal.

Riding in Florida is pretty awesome - Yeah there are a lot of old people, but there are so many motorcycles out there it seems like people are more aware. That being said, I've already got caught in a downpour out of nowhere, and that is going to be going on ALL summer. You can practically set your watch everyday to the rain.
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