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Black Non-ABS finally in!

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It was down pouring and my dealer asked me if I was sure I wanted to pick it up today... Ummm, yes I think I do! I ran it about an hour through the rain and this bad boy is awesome!

Sorry about the low quality pic, it was pretty late by the time I got home.
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I am in Illinois. My dealer says May 9th. I put money down. I will not buy a warranty. I will not get to have ABS.

I fully intend to sell it or trade it back for a 2012 version next year with ABS and the TRI-Color paint scheme which is supposed to be next year. (fingers crossed)

This way I get to ride the whole season both years and not have to wait for ABS this June. Next year I will go for a warranty.

If the paint scheme I want is not offered next year I will wait another year to sell or trade in.

It's not like this is really an expensive bike when looking at it from a new perspective, especially with 1.99% financing.
I see your in the Chicago area. I am right across the river from St Louis.
Yeah. Hells bells and taco shells. What can ya do?
I have had black, silver, and red bikes before. The black showed road dust. The silver was like wearing an invisibility cloak. The red was nice. I had the Red white and blue scheme on an interceptor and it was gorgeous. Probably won't look as good on the CBR but I will reserve my opinion until I see it in person... someday.
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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