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Black Non-ABS finally in!

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It was down pouring and my dealer asked me if I was sure I wanted to pick it up today... Ummm, yes I think I do! I ran it about an hour through the rain and this bad boy is awesome!

Sorry about the low quality pic, it was pretty late by the time I got home.
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the only annoying thing was not being able to blow past the porsche next to me....
:confused: You do realize you bought a 250cc with 24hp, right? Considering that the CBR250R has the same power to weight ratio as a Toyota Prius, I would put my money on the Porsche. LOL!
Weather finally great here. The wifes out on the sportster and Im stuck at home doing lawn work since no bike yet. This sucks.
:confused: You do realize you bought a 250cc with 24hp, right? Considering that the CBR250R has the same power to weight ratio as a Toyota Prius, I would put my money on the Porsche. LOL!
Umm.... Power to Weight Ratio?

2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid

Power......134 Hp
Weight.....3042 lbs (curb)

Thus - 22.7 lbs per horsepower. To match the CBR250Rs power to weight ratio, the Prius would have to produce 220 hp.

2011 Honda CBR250R

Power......26 Hp
Weight.....359 lbs (curb)

Thus - 13.8 lbs per horsepower.

Even if you factor in an average hefty 180 lb rider.

Toyota Prius = 24 lbs per horsepower.

CBR250R = 20.7 lbs per horsepower.

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First off, I would be very surprised to actually SEE someone take a manual porsche 0-60 in the time they "claim" it can go... Plus most anyone pretentious enough to actually own a porsche probably doesn't actually race it, and a bike's clutch is WAY easier to operate. If you put a rich douche against a high torque 250cc bike like the CBR with a skilled rider, I wouldn't be surprised to see the bike to be the first one to hit 30-40 mph.
If the guy in the Porsche doesn't know you're racing, launching your CBR250 as soon as the light change Will likely get you to 40 first, maybe 50 or 60.

My dealer in PA got one red non-ABS in & had it on display for all to see today.
Did you order the ABS? I'm curious to know how well that extra $500 will hold up in resale value. I got the warranty and I'm wondering the same thing with that as well... I imagine if I ever want to sell, having a warranty would really increase resale.
:confused: You do realize you bought a 250cc with 24hp, right? Considering that the CBR250R has the same power to weight ratio as a Toyota Prius, I would put my money on the Porsche. LOL!
way to be a downer, dude :rolleyes:
I am in Illinois. My dealer says May 9th. I put money down. I will not buy a warranty. I will not get to have ABS.

I fully intend to sell it or trade it back for a 2012 version next year with ABS and the TRI-Color paint scheme which is supposed to be next year. (fingers crossed)

This way I get to ride the whole season both years and not have to wait for ABS this June. Next year I will go for a warranty.

If the paint scheme I want is not offered next year I will wait another year to sell or trade in.

It's not like this is really an expensive bike when looking at it from a new perspective, especially with 1.99% financing.
Which dealer? Dupage Honda says the 9th also.
I see your in the Chicago area. I am right across the river from St Louis.
Looks like we'll be the last to get them.
Yeah. Hells bells and taco shells. What can ya do?
Yeah the 1.99% financing is great, but not everybody is going to be able to get it. BTW black is pretty sweet, I don't know why you would want that tri-color scheme instead! Honda probably doesn't think it's warm enough in Chicago yet for people to want to ride :) I was up there a few weeks ago and it was freezing, although I am from south florida.
It finally quit raining here and had some nice days, tons of bikes out. Wife took out the sportster and I was stuck at home. Enjoy Florida, thats where I hope I'll be at soon.
I have had black, silver, and red bikes before. The black showed road dust. The silver was like wearing an invisibility cloak. The red was nice. I had the Red white and blue scheme on an interceptor and it was gorgeous. Probably won't look as good on the CBR but I will reserve my opinion until I see it in person... someday.
Yeah the black does show dried water and road dust but you don't really notice it from a few feet away. I wish I had a sweet spray brush because the black would look awesome with a few colored accents. I saw one on youtube with a slip-on exhaust that had really cool orange/red accents. I do worry about being seen at night, which is why I was looking into getting LED stuff, however I've heard they aren't always street legal.

Riding in Florida is pretty awesome - Yeah there are a lot of old people, but there are so many motorcycles out there it seems like people are more aware. That being said, I've already got caught in a downpour out of nowhere, and that is going to be going on ALL summer. You can practically set your watch everyday to the rain.
The muffler is pretty ridiculous, I liked the idea I saw of sanding and painting it black but I wonder if that would do anything to the warranty? The sound isn't nearly as bad as that youtube video but I still will be buying a new muffler the first chance I get/see a quality one.
Check out:

CBR250R MUFFLER HEAT COVER - Merchandise and Accessories Catalogue

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