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Bought a Used CBR250R at Sukhothai- and Rode her Home!

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Last year I bought a used CBR150r (Carb model) at Korat. I have really enjoyed the bike but the new Honda CBR250 models have caught my eye.

Bad for the budget...

Found a 2011 CBR250 at Sukhothai, Traded emails, phone calls and decided to go for it. I took my jacket, helmet and borded the bus to Sukhothai. The seller picked me up at the bus station, I test drove the bike and we shook hands. The deal would be finalized at Sukhothai DLT the next day. Adding my name to the Green book was easy, I had a residence letter from Pattaya Immigration (300 baht) copies of my passport and the Thai transfer document. The seller provided copies of his work permit, but no additional residence letter. Only two hours, including the DLT staff's lunch break and the deal was done. The transfer cost was 480 baht and the bike still has the Sukhothai plates.

After signing the papers, I rode her to the Sukhothai Historical park. Really awesome temples and I recommend a visit if temples/history is your thing. My first attempt to enter at the Thai price was denied. Went to a second gate and was admitted for 20 baht! Speaking some Thai, a smile and flashing my Thai drivers licenese did the trick.

Next morning I was up bright and early, headed north on Rt 101. Really nice road, minimal traffic and mostly through a forrest. Then the rain drenched me. I soldiered on to Rt 11, northbound but I called it a day at Lampang. After a good nights sleep and drying my gear, I cruised up to Chiang Mai and stayed there for three nights. I was itching to hit the road again, so Pattaya bound I was. Rt 11 was ok until Pitsanulok- then the pot holes began. The road was heavily traveled by trucks and it showed. I really had to be careful to avoid the worst craters, they could easily have caused a nasty accident.

I stopped about 425 kms from Chiang Mai, renting a nice, clean 400 baht room at one of those motels about 500 meters off the main road.
Back on the road at 0800, I traveled Rt11 until Ta Fak, where I merged on to Rt1. Same as Rt11, many potholes and heavy traffic. After Saraburi I hit Rt 33, then the fun began- secondary roads trying to get to Pattaya as directly as possible. Some how I made it, with some GPS assistance from my Samsung, traveling Routes 3051, 3001, 3200, 304, 314 then 361/3 to Pattaya. About 425 kms the second day or 850 ish Chiang Mai to Pattaya.

To compare my CBR150 to the newer CBR250:

1 Bigger tires make the 250 more stable and better able to absorb pot hole collisions.
2. The 250 has more torque at lower RPMs.
3 The 150 has better fuel economy- 39 kpl vs. 30.4 for the 250
4. I run Gasohol 91 in the 150; I use E20 in the 250
5 Lane splitting is easier with the slender 150. The 250 did an admirable job in traffic but the 150 rules in that department.
6 When cornering, braking hard or going down hill, I grip the fuel tank with my inner thighs. The 250 fairing flare tends to make it more diffuclt to hold tightly. The 150's fairing is lower and more narrow, so I get a stronger grip. I am 6'2", so if my legs were a bit shorter, it would not be an issue.
7. The gear box on the CBR250 is more refines; however, I've missed a few gears when I upshift. Its my error, but maybe the CBR250 shift lever has more travel? Any way, I'm inproving :)

Both bikes are fun to ride. The 250 is a little better on the open road and the 150 is a little better in city driving.

Sold the little 150 thumper today. I had a blast on that bike and made an epic -for me anyway- 2,400 km ride: Pattaya-Petchabun; Petchabun-Chiang Mai; Chiang Mai- Mae Sot; Mae Sot- Kanchannaburi; Kanchannaburi-BKK-Pattaya :)

My Baby :)
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A real hike up to this temple

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And the obligatory Samoeng Loop at Chiang Mai :)
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Thanks for the photos.

Wish you well with your new (to you) bike.

Do you have any concerns about using E20? I thought more than E10 was not recommended for smaller engines (ie <700cc).
Congrats on your bike, thanks for sharing those pics and welcome to the forums from SoCal. :)
Welcome to the forums and congrats on the new bike.

You should go to Mae Hon Son and hit up those curves, will be fun.
Thanks for the photos.

Wish you well with your new (to you) bike.

Do you have any concerns about using E20? I thought more than E10 was not recommended for smaller engines (ie <700cc).
Hi M!

The Owners manual lists E20 as a compatible fuel. In Thailand the CBR20 approved fuels are:

91 100% gasoline, 91 octane
91 gasohol, E10, 91 octane
95 gasohol, E10 95 octane
E20, 95 octane

I had a PGMI Honda Wave, 110cc and it was also approved for E20

Big debate on E20 among riders in Thailand, but its listed in my Honda manual so I use it. 2.5 baht per liter cheaper than the next least expensive fuel. About 30 cents cheaper per US gallon
Great post, beautiful pics....Welcome!
Welcome from SoCal!
And thanks for the awesome pix. :)
Welcome from Idaho, USA. The photos are great!

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This is a some what blury pic of my Owners Manual, listing the approved fuels: gasoline and three gasohol blends :)


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