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Interesting bike. Interesting manufacurer.

Bikes like the CBR250R help eek out the stuff we have under the ground.... provided they are not so much of a buzz to ride that we just burn up fuel having fun!!!

One of the problems with "clean" electricity, such as solar and wind power, is that it is not always being generated when it is needed. Some form of storage is necessary.

One of the problems of electric vehicles (other than trams, trains and the like) is that they cannot use electricity as it is generated. Some form of storage is necessary.

Two ends of the same problem. Things are improving; development is moving apace on the storage issue.

Get it, and the infrastructure right, and a picture of energy in the future starts to emerge. Fuzzy now, but I am sure it will become clearer in due course.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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