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I'm going to put this debate to rest. Do what your manual tells you to. It takes 300 miles to break in the bike. Keep the revs low as instructed to. Honda built it... Not motoman or any other site. Also, I now have synth oil in it. My guy at the dealer has been working with bikes for 20+ years and said bike engines like these are small and don't take nearly as long to break in as a car engine... plus they are partially broke in from being tested at the factory. If ya wanna use synth then just wait for the 600 mile service. Also, yes there are metal fragments that come loose in any new motor... this is what the filter is for!

Sorry to say but I dont think this has put anything to bed. The manual doesnt state at all to keep below any rev limit but just has a few points include that dont really tell you much in detail. Talking to Honda dealers you can get a different message depending on the dealer you talk to and I know from where I got my bike I was simple told "Dont Baby It"

The break in that a lot of people discuss on here is the method used for the last 20 years. Im sure that these methods where great for the time, but are they still relevent with todays technology..............
1 - 1 of 138 Posts
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