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Buying a used cbr250 in 2023

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Hello guys im a college student looking to buy a new bike i need some help, is it worth buying a used CBR250 which was registered in 2015 with 35k km done for around 75k INR ? Thank you for your advice
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When you buying a second-hand motorcycle, first start looking for a good garage with good recommendations in your area of residence. If you don't have a good garage you won't be able to enjoy any motorcycle. Visit the same garage, check that the mechanic is very familiar with our CBR250R model, and at that time you can be impressed by the order, cleanliness, and customer service.

Now take the motorcycle you are interested in for inspection (possible at the same garage you already inspected, or perhaps at an institute that specializes in pre-purchase inspections), and require the inspector to writing all the problems he finds during the inspection. Then you will taking the written inspection to your mechanic and ask him for a quote for the repairs, and only then you will be able to estimate the total value of the transaction.

In the end there is always a round of expenses bigger than expected, so leave another 20% of the money aside to deal with those additional problems.

If this is your first time buying a second hand motorcycle, take an experienced friend with you who can supervise and guide you through the process.

If you are short on money (student) maybe it is not for you to enter this project?
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It is definitely worth to buy a use one, this are reliable and with some experience you will get to know the commons problems and maintenance and how to fix them,
I dont know the price in your area but if you consider is a good deal, go ahead.

You need to check this before you buy this or any bike.

*Parts available in your area, new and second hand.
*Costs of tyres, chain, sprockets, fluids, in the place you live.
*Have a good mechanic to check the bike condition.
*If there is something you dont like when you check it, let it go, there are too many bikes for sale.
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It is definitely worth to buy a use one,
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